Who are you?

I would dearly like to know more about people reading this website?  What is your interest?  I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has a family connection to the Fairfax-Cholmeley’s or the Estate. 

Author: patsyalicemccarthy

Independent researcher and would be writer, currently researching the life and work of Hugh Fairfax-Cholmeley.

4 thoughts on “Who are you?”

  1. Hi Patsy
    I’ve been using the latest lockdown to delve deeper into my family history, in the course of which I came across your very interesting site regarding Brandsby. My 5x gt grandfather, Thomas Maskill, was a farmer in Brandsby at the end of the 18th century (his wife was a Wiley, though I haven’t researched any connection to Samuel Wiley yet). Their son Robert Maskill farmed at Brandsby and also had the Cholmeley Arms for a while. I was interested to read of the moral code enforced by the landowners which saw girls with illegitimate children banished from the village; this appears to have been the fate of my 3x gt grandmother Jane Maskill, who ended up having her baby in Craike. Her brother John Maskill is referred to in HCFC’s text as a slovenly farmer at Warren House in 1890! In his defence, he was nearly 70 at that time.
    Best wishes


  2. Hi.
    I’ve been researching a Thomas Horsley shotgun that I bought. After a little digging into the records I believe it belonged to Francis Cholmeley. If you have a photo of the gentleman I would really love to see!



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