This site is a study of a Yorkshire Estate and its squire, Hugh Charles Fairfax-Cholmeley, based on his various writings, memoirs, diaries, copies of letters and other notes. Comments and enquiries are welcomed; this site is a work in progress.  A book of Hugh’s life will be published in due course.

Currently, Hugh’s memoirs, letters and writings are in my possession and can be seen by arrangement.

Generally, all pictures are either photos of old postcards which are in a private collection, Ray Dobson of Brandsby, or are photos taken by myself.

I am an independent researcher, having done a variety of research into art history, Renaissance portraiture in particular, accounting education history, and now this social history project.  I am the granddaughter of Hugh Fairfax-Cholmeley and I wish to see his achievements in social reform documented and made known.

Use of the content of this site will be permitted by permission of the site author, Patricia Alice McCarthy.  The text and pictures remain the property and copyright of the site author.  Any contributions of text or pictures from others will be credited.

Patricia McCarthy
Ray Dobson:  Postcard Archivist of Brandsby.
The author in conversation with Ray Dobson, Post card archivist, Brandsby.