Hugh Fairfax-Cholmeley wins a prize in 2019!

“To whom belongs the land: Change and Reform on a North Riding Estate 1889 to 1914.”

This essay recounting the story of Fairfax-Cholmeley’s reforms was submitted to the Yorkshire Society Annual History Prize in 2018. It was awarded 2nd prize. Some familiar, but lots of new information! You can read it below.

Italian Roots

I was born in 1864 at Sans Souci villa about four miles out of Naples in Posilipo. The villa belonged to my mother’s father who had forsaken England in disgust at having to leave Newton near Rillington on his father’s death, he being a younger son. [Hugh’s mother was Rosalie St. Quentin only daughter of Charles Strickland] He bought the land at Posilipo very nearly on the summit of the promontory that divides the Bay of Pozzuoli and Baguoli from that of Naples and there built himself a lovely little villa with a long drive up to it through what was, when I knew it, the podersi. Continue reading “Italian Roots”